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Please take a little time to look at our sample menus below. If you have any questions please contact us on 020 8144 5025
* Dinner Menu 1 Selection from list
* Caribbean fried chicken (seasoned chicken pieces in a crispy * *.coating)
* Steamed fish with okra - marinated fish fillets steamed and * * * *.served with pan fried okras, peppers and onions
* Blue mountain roasted vegetables red onion, peppers, plantain, *.yam, sweet potato roasted with olive oil, thyme and cracked * * * *.pepper
* Rice and peas - traditional rice dish cooked in coconut * * * * * * *.cream, herbs and spices
* Selection of steamed in season vegetables
* Caribslaw - red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots and sweetcorn *.in a lemon coriander dressing Green salad
* Miami bay almond sponge with wild berry sauce and cream
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