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Please take a little time to look at our sample menus below. If you have any questions please contact us on 020 8144 5025
* Finger Buffet Selection from list
* Continental open sandwiches with various toppings such as
* * *.spicy chicken, smoked fish and red onion, roasted vegetables * *.or cheese and spring onion
* Southern fried chicken drumsticks
* Roti wraps with chilli and lemon chicken or spinach and red * * * *.pepper
* Plaintain fritters with salsa dip
* Mini bakes topped with smoked cod and tomato
* Vegetable samosa
* Chicken in filo pastry
* Sweet potato rosti bites
* Ciabatta pizza fingers with cajun chicken or ackee and pepper
* Cherry and almond fingers
* Fruit platter
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